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The Snider Family - Descendants of Martin Snider Sr. (1748 or 1753-1828) United Empire Loyalist
Reunion 2000 - Thank You   

Reunion 2000 - Thank You

August 13, 2000

Dear Bret et al,

Betty and I would like to thank you for the humongous effort you and your committee put forth to make the Great Year 2000 Snider Reunion a resounding success!

We both immensely enjoyed all three days, June 30 to July 2, 2000. The Friday evening period dinner in the Fort York East Blockhouse, among the invasion re-enactors in their lamplit tent campsite, romantically set the scene, followed the next day by the arrival of 'American' tall ships and their longboats re-enacting the 1813 U.S. invasion and sacking of York.

Another great idea was your installation of the Snider Family Marquee and picnic bench-corral beside the Balmy Beach Boardwalk at Kew Gardens, where we could all gather and munch our lunch in our new red T-shirts emblazoned with your new Snider Family Crest, and watch the invasion re-enactment in shady comfort! Several passersby commented on my pre-1803 U.E.L. British flag, which marked the site.

The Sunday morning visits via chartered bus to see Martin Snider Sr.'s grave marker in the Cummer Heritage Cemetery on Yonge Street in Willowdale, Toronto, followed by our inspection of the impressive monuments to Martin's sons: Martin Jr., William and Thomas, in the west section of Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and later that of his eldest son Jacob in the Necropolis Cemetery, showed that our Snider ancestors were quite prominent citizens of York in their day.

Then came a brief look at the parkette dedicated to Martin Snider Sr. at the corner of Lytton Blvd. and Yonge Street.

And finally, the tour of William Snider's original Heritage Homestead at 744 Duplex Ave. was wonderful! The house was built as an Ontario Cottage in 1828 on the original 200-acre site of Martin Snider Sr.'s log cabin. Second and third floors were added later. The house is said to be the oldest remaining private residence in Toronto. I am so glad that the present owner, Bill Siegel, has taken on the task of its beautiful restoration.

The highlight of the whole reunion was the barbecue in your back yard where we could all get to know one another. You 'walked the extra mile' to put that on! It was very nice to have John Warburton from the Toronto branch of the United Empire Loyalists with us, as well as Marjorie Stuart and Dorothy Milne from the Ontario Genealogical Society.

I was very impressed when Dr. Ron Branson from California, and Mary Cowan, who recently moved to Toronto from New Brunswick, showed up. Also there were two delegates descended directly from two of Martin Snider Sr.'s siblings in New Brunswick: Elias Snider (Mary Cowan) and Mary/Polly Snider (Greg Chard). Amazing!

Next thing you know, we will be having another Snider reunion at Martin Snider Sr.'s first homestead at Sussex Corners, New Brunswick, and be outnumbered by the local NB Snider descendants!

I would like to suggest that Herbert Elgin Snider be named Posthumous Honourary Chair of the Martin Snider Sr. clan, as he was largely responsible in our lifetime for the rebirth of interest in the family tree and its history.

Thanks again for your great contributions.

Yours sincerely,

Edward 'Ted' H. Snider, U.E.


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