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The Snider Family - Descendants of Martin Snider Sr. (1748 or 1753-1828) United Empire Loyalist
Reunion 2000 - Other Notes   

Reunion 2000 - Other Notes

Ron and Mary Branson of California brought their son Allan, his wife Julie and their daughters Kayla and Elisha Midori Branson, residents of Barrie, Ontario, to the barbecue. We very much enjoyed meeting them.

It was also great to meet Helen Mills and her sons Fred and Scott Snider Mills, long-time residents of King township, representing the Nobleton Sniders.

We had a particularly interesting historical moment at the barbecue, when Bret Snider of Toronto, and John David Hartley Snider, of Port Sydney, Ontario produced family heirlooms, each of which turned out to be part of the same whole!

John brought a Knights Templar ceremonial sword and belt, engraved 'Cincinnati Commandery' and bearing the Knights Templar cross and crown. The sword was once owned by Thomas Albert Snider, son of Thomas Snider of Eglinton and grandson of Martin Snider Sr. Bret produced a wide belt with which the sword would have been worn. Neither cousin knew the other had part of the ensemble. Thomas Albert is the ancestor fondly referred to by the family as the 'Catsup King', since he founded the Snider Preserve Company in Toronto and later made his fortune in Chicago, IL, with his famous Snider's Catsup.

John David Hartley Snider wonders if a Snider Family Museum of Artifacts might be established where these and other memorabilia could be displayed for family members to visit and enjoy.

For your interest, here is a site depicting Knights Templar dress:

We did a great deal of advertising for the Snider Reunion 2000, both on the Internet and through the Ontario Genealogical Society Toronto Branch, who published a full-page article; OGS Newsleaf; The Ontario Historical Society Bulletin, and UEL Toronto branch newsletter ‘Fidelity’. We also posted notices on the Global Genealogy & Family History Calendar and Freepages at Rootsweb. Our grateful thanks to Marjorie Stuart at OGS, John Warburton from the UEL Toronto Branch, and all the organizations and websites that helped make the reunion the success it was.


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